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                  聯系人:劉剛 先生





                  太倉華易塑業有限公司成立于2004年,坐落于江蘇省太倉市經濟開發區,地處上海、昆山交匯處,交通便捷。公司主要集塑膠包裝材料產品的設計、開發、制造加工,銷售服務為一體。主要產品有PET、 PP 、HIPS,PVC, ABS, PE等防靜電、導電、植絨環保吸塑托盤和泡殼;EPE緩沖墊、EPE異形深加工包裝盒、EPE防護膜、EPE覆膜防護袋;PE防靜電袋;PVC /PET折盒、PP中空板刀卡,周轉箱等。產品廣泛適用于光學光電、電子數碼,禮品文具,食品醫藥,日用化妝,五金工具等行業產品運輸周轉和成品內包裝。



                  公司以科學、完善的管理制度,專業的人才技術,以全員參與、團結奮斗的合作理念,為成就美好未來打下堅定的基礎。先后于2009年通過了ISO9001:2008 版國際質量管理體系認證;2013年順利通過ISO14001:2004版環境管理體系認證;并于2016年獲得國家食品用塑料包裝、容器、工具等制品生產衛生許可證 。


                  Taicang plastics co., LTD. Was established in 2004, located in the economic development zone of taibarn in jiangsu province, which is located at the intersection of Shanghai and kunshan, and the traffic is very convenient.The company mainly integrates the design, development, manufacturing and processing of plastic packaging materials.The main products are PET, PP, HIPS, PVC, ABS, PE, etc. Antistatic, conductive, flocking and green absorbing plastic tray and bubble shell.EPE buffer pad, EPE foreign deep processing package, EPE protection film, EPE coating protection bag;PE anti-static bag;PVC/PET folding box, PP hollow plank, revolving box, etc.Products are widely applied optics photoelectric, digital, gifts, stationery, food, medicine, daily cosmetics, hardware tools and other industries transport turnover and finished goods to the inner packing.

                  Since its establishment, the company has introduced advanced technology and equipment.At present, the factory covers more than 6000 square meters and has more than 60 employees.Have ten automatic high-speed molding production lines, automatic precision four column hydraulic cutting bed 10 machine, automatic EPE foam molding production line 2, and equipped with a dedicated CNC CNC mold machining center, automatic precision hydraulic cutting bed, average monthly production capacity of 500 tons.

                  As the company's production and marketing performance continues to grow, the scale and scope of the company are also increasing, and the customer base is spread all over the country.In response to the fast development of the current market needs, providing customers more high-quality, efficient, fast purchase demand, the company was founded in 2009, ningbo branch rich gen suye co., LTDAnd established shenzhen guanghao da technology co., LTD. In 2015.Form to set all kinds of blister tray, blister, cushion, protective film, turnover box, plastic bags and other packaging products design, development, mold manufacturing, production processing and sales through-train services, strive for a more comprehensive and professional services to the general new old customers.

                  Company with scientific, perfect management system, professional technical talents, to full participation, the cooperation of the united struggle of idea, laying a firm foundation for achievements bright future.In 2009, we passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.Through ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification;And in 2016, we will get the national food and plastic packaging, containers, tools, etc.

                  Full with "customer first, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement" as the objective, the good faith management, serves attentively, to look forward to the full support of new and old customers and long-term cooperation, a total exhibition ambitious.


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